For Dogs Who Demand a Challenge

Photograph of a dog chewing a Super Chewer toy

Unlike Anything You've Done with Your Dog Before

With tough chews, all-natural treats, and challenging toys that you can't find together anywhere else.

Photograph of a Super Chewer BarkBox

The toys and chews are insanely tough, in every sense of the word. Sturdy and surprising, playful and puzzling. Our Super Chewer toys stay fun longer than normal toys can stay together.

Illustration of a dog chewing a Super Chewer toy

Our Pack Has Your Dog's Back

Every challenger needs cheerleaders. We created a support crew that's always on your dog's side. If anything isn't tough enough for your dog, let us know and we'll go waaay overboard making it right.

And if your dog defeats a toy?

We'll send you another for FREE.