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Chew Your Way to Cleaner Teeth

The powerful chew + toothpaste duo

that does the work for you.

FREE Extra Bright Kit with a multi-month plan - $30 VALUE - Real Results GUARANTEED
People - “The toothpaste and chew work together to tackle tarter, bad breath, and plaque, without having to wrestle your dog’s mouth open.”
Today - “This dental kit will make brushing your dog’s teeth a breeze.”
Cosmopolitan "The chewing action from the treat, along with the triple-enzymatic formula, is meant to maintain fresh doggy breath.”
Time - “A solution for better canine dental care.”

Rethinking Dog Dental

Good health starts with dental health. A simple change in your dog's dental routine can make a transformative impact - improving everything from bad breath to helping fight plaque & tartar formation. But these humans tell it best.

Simple • Effective • Powerful

“I haven't seen anything on the market like this before. Within as little as 1-2 weeks, I really did see a reduction in the plaque and tartar around his gums.”

- Jennifer, Full-time Dentist and Dog Mom to @goodboybear

Finally Something My Dog Likes

"Pepper is NOT a fan of getting her teeth brushed. I tried Bright. Miracle! She comes running for it every day."

- Morgan Lee, Dog Dad to Pepper

Picky Eater Approved

“I couldn’t believe it. My Boston Terrier gulped this one down. He usually turns up his nose at everything! Bright’s ingredients are a lot better so I feel great giving it to him!”

- Sandra Hollis, Dog Mom to Nash

A Disruptive Product

"Bright Dental is a disruptive product filling in a widely neglected part of pet health and wellness. BARK has made daily "brushing" a rewarding routine for my dog."

- Dr. Jan Bellows, DVM

Happiness Guarantee Badge

100% Happy Guarantee

Unsatisfied? We guarantee your dog will love it or we'll give you a full refund.

You Shouldn’t Be the Only One With a Dental Routine

Like you, we love our pets and care about their dental health. That’s why we created Bark Bright — a dental chew and toothpaste duo that delivers a powerful combination of ingredients that work together to fight plaque and tartar buildup.

✓ Easy & effective dog dental routine

✓ Delivered to your door every month for as low as $1/day

✓ See results in 30 days or less or your money back

Key Benefits

Cleans Teeth

Our easy-to-use kit scrubs away tooth buildup in places even toothbrushes sometimes can’t reach.

Removes Plaque

Giving daily helps prevent plaque from hardening into tartar, which can only be removed by a dentist.

Freshens Breath

We guarantee results for your pup. If you don’t smell a difference in 1-2 weeks, you’ll get your money back!

Bright Dental Kit Contents and dog. Made with real chicken

Quality Ingredients

Crafted in the USA.


Potato Starch • Vegetable Glycerin • Gelatin • Pea Protein • Chicken • Water • Potato Flour • Chicken Fat • Cultured Skim Milk • Sunflower Lecithin • Citric Acid (Preservative) • Powdered Cellulose • Natural Smoke Flavor • Sodium Hexametaphosphate


Water • Lactose-Free Skim Milk Powder Glycerol • Sorbitol • Chicken Powder Microcrystalline Cellulose • Alginate Citric Acid • Enzymes • Potassium Sorbate (Preservative) • Carboxymethyl Cellulose


How much does a dental kit cost?

Get a Bright Dental Kit delivered to your door for as little as $1/day. We offer two different plans: $25/month for a 6-month subscription or $30/month for a monthly subscription.

Does the dental kit come in different sizes?

Yes, size Small is for dogs under 20 pounds, Medium is for dogs that weigh 20-50 pounds, and Large is for dogs over 50 pounds.

How often should I brush my dog’s teeth?

Vets recommend brushing your dog’s teeth once a day, and it’s not just to freshen your dog’s breath. Problem-causing debris builds up every time dogs eat and can lead to gum disease.

What comes in each dental kit?

Our monthly dental kit uniquely pairs a triple-enzyme dog toothpaste with tasty dog dental chews. You’ll receive 30 dental chews and a month’s supply of our triple-enzyme toothpaste in each kit.

Why is daily dog dental care so important?

Over time, the bad breath bacteria that live in plaque buildup slowly break down your dog's teeth. Without preventative care, this can result in painful (and expensive) extractions.

Can puppies use this dental kit?

Puppies are ready for dental treats and chews as soon as their adult teeth grow in at around 6 months (but feel free to check with your vet). The Bright Dental kit comes in three sizes as your dog grows: Small (dogs under 20 lb.), Medium (20-50 lb. dogs) , and Large (dogs over 50 lb.).

100% Fresh Breath Guarantee

Try our dental kit for 4 weeks.

If you don’t notice any improvement, we’ll make it right with a refund.

Here’s how to reach out:

Email us at [email protected]

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